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One in five Victorians has a disability.

Each of these Victorians will experience disability in a different way – depending on their individual circumstances, life experience, the nature and severity of their impairment and their needs and abilities. Victorians with a disability are more likely to experience discrimination and stigma, live in poverty, have poorer health, lower levels of educational attainment and be unemployed.

Despite the fact that Victorians with a disability have the same rights as everyone else, they often face significant barriers to participating in social, economic and civic life, and as a result, are unable to reach their full potential. They are often on the receiving end of conscious and unconscious bias, where incorrect assumptions are made about what they can and cannot do.

There is a pressing need to do better for all Victorians with a disability.

The discussion paper is intended to continue the conversation that started in 2015. Some ideas are included under each theme, but we want to hear about what matters to you.

Your responses will help shape the final plan.

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