Thank you to everyone for taking the time to provide us with submissions and feedback on the Victorian state disability plan 2017-2020 discussion paper.

See below for all public submissions that were received.

Name of Individual or Organisation: Submission:
Achilles Melbourne Incorporated Attachment (PDF, 406kb)
Aspergers Victoria Attachment 1 (PDF, 1.2mb)
Attachment 2 (PDF, 887kb)
Association for Children with a Disability Attachment (PDF, 789kb)
Australian Community Support Organisation Attachment (PDF, 201kb)
Baptcare Attachment (PDF, 1.8mb)
Bass Coast Access and Inclusion Advisory Committee Attachment (DOCX, 335kb)
Brent Hayward Attachment (PDF, 2.1mb)
Carers Victoria Attachment (PDF, 224kb)
Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria Attachment (DOCX, 22kb)
Centre for Developmental Disability Health Victoria Attachment 1 (DOCX, 16kb)
Attachment 2 (DOCX, 16kb)
Colleen Furlanetto Attachment (DOCX, 19kb)
Darebin City Council Attachment (PDF, 144kb)
Deakin University Attachment (PDF, 603kb)
Department of Health and Human Services - Outer Gippsland Area Attachment (PDF, 788kb)
Disability Attachment 1 (PDF, 2.4mb)
Attachment 2 (PDF, 1.3mb)
Disability Services Commissioner Attachment (DOCX, 50kb)
Disability Sport & Recreation Attachment (PDF, 443kb)
EACH Attachment (DOCX, 330kb)
Eva Paluska Attachment (DOCX, 13kb)
Gay and Lesbian Foundation of Australia, and the LGBTI Health and Human Services Working Group Attachment (DOCX, 56kb)
Geelong Parent Network Attachment (DOCX, 131kb)
Glenn Langtip Attachment (DOCX, 4kb)
Grant Maynard Attachment (RTF, 17kb)
Horsham Rural City Council Attachment (DOCX, 42kb)
Ian Holowko Attachment (DOCX, 17kb)
Inclusion Melbourne Attachment (PDF, 1740kb)
Islamic Council of Victoria (ICV) Attachment (PDF, 455kb)
Jesuit Social Services Attachment (PDF, 640kb)
Knox City Council Attachment 1 (PDF, 327kb)
Attachment 2 (DOCX, 30kb)
La Trobe University Palliative Care Unit Attachment 1 (PDF, 302kb)
Attachment 2 (PDF, 1mb) Attachment 3 (PDF, 358kb)
Merri Health Attachment (PDF, 184kb)
Moreland Disability Advisory Committee Attachment (DOCX, 326kb)
Motor Neurone Disease Association of Victoria Attachment (PDF, 56kb)
Multiple Sclerosis Australia Attachment (PDF, 110kb)
Municipal Association of Victoria Attachment (DOCX, 43kb)
Natalie Tomas Attachment (DOCX, 14kb)
Nicholas Robinson Attachment (DOCX, 20kb)
Office of the Public Advocate Attachment (DOC, 123kb)
REAL Inc Attachment (DOC, 38kb)
Refugee Council of Australia Attachment (PDF, 184kb)
Rosemary West Attachment (DOC, 33kb)
RuralAccess Project Coordinator Wellington Shire Attachment (DOCX, 319kb)
South Gippsland Shire Council Attachment (DOCX, 30kb)
Spiritual Care Australia Attachment (DOCX, 31kb)
STAR Victoria Inc. Attachment (DOC, 62kb)
Syndromes Without A Name (SWAN) Australia Attachment (DOCX, 42kb)
The Salvation Army Victoria Attachment (PDF, 635kb)
Tricia MalowneyAttachment 1 (DOCX, 48kb)
Uniting Church Synod of Victoria and Tasmania Attachment 1 (DOCX, 414kb)
Attachment 2 (PDF, 584kb)
Attachment 3 (PDF, 665kb)
Victorian Alcohol and Drug Association Attachment (PDF, 192kb)
Vision Australia Attachment (DOCX, 692kb)
Warrnambool City Council Attachment 1 (PDF, 1.4mb)
Attachment 2 (PDF, 5.5mb)
Wellington Community Representative Group Attachment (DOCX, 335kb)
Whitehorse City Council Attachment (PDF, 3.1mb)
Whittlesea Disability Network (City of Whittlesea) Attachment (DOCX, 37kb)
Women with Disabilities Victoria Attachment 1 (PDF, 840kb) Attachment 2 (DOCX, 633kb)
Women's Health Victoria Attachment (PDF, 272kb)