Consultation period will be extended

We will not be conducting face-to-face activities for the State disability plan 2021-2024 until further notice. We are currently looking at other options for engaging with the community.

We remain open to all online feedback and submissions.

We will provide more details shortly on new arrangements and timelines.

Regional consultation sessions are closed until further notice.

Making Victoria more inclusive of people with disability is vital to our communities and our economy. The state disability plan sets out the blueprint for how we will work across government to achieve this.

The Victorian Government has invested in supporting the social, economic, and civic participation of people with disability in Victoria through Absolutely everyone: state disability plan 2017-2020. Absolutely everyone has been the framework to achieve the vision of an inclusive Victoria in which people with disability live satisfying everyday lives. Absolutely everyone was developed through extensive consultation with the community so that it truly reflected the priorities of people with disability in Victoria.

Victoria has a proud history of championing the inclusion and rights of people with disability. The Victorian Government wants the next state disability plan to continue to create more opportunities for people with disability and to drive lasting positive change.

Our consultation period will be confirmed shortly.

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Discussion forums

The consultation paper covers six topics and we encourage you to read these ahead of participating in the discussion forums.

The six topics are presented as separate discussion forums for people to engage with over the consultation period. If the topic you want to cover is not included you can start a conversation using the general discussion topic page.

Topic 1: Improving how we describe disability and disability inclusion in the next plan

Topic 2: Finding better ways to include people with disability in making the next plan

Topic 3: Strengthening the state disability plan outcomes framework

Topic 4: Introducing overarching approaches to strengthen government commitments under the new plan

Topic 5: Strengthening the NDIS and mainstream interface

Topic 6: Strengthening disability inclusion under the Disability Act 2006

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