Topic 2: Finding better ways to include people with disability in making the next plan

A key purpose of the next plan is to give Victorians the information they need so they can provide the best advice on the development of the next state disability plan.

While we welcome all Victorians’ advice, our effort over the coming months will be particularly directed to seeking the advice and expertise of people with disability. We will also look to bring people with disability into the design process for the next plan.

We would like to start a conversation about this and hear some of your ideas. You can do this by contributing a message on this part of the website.

Here are some questions from the consultation paper to help guide your ideas:

  • What groups do we need to reach out to and how should we engage with them?
  • What are some of the things we can do to let people know that we have taken their advice seriously and have brought it into the development process?
  • What codesign approaches do you think would be good for the next state plan and have you come across any that worked well?
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