Topic 6: Strengthening disability inclusion under the Disability Act 2006

The Disability Act 2006 is the main Victorian legislation concerning people with disability. It sets out a framework for the protection of rights, principles of fairness, and the provision of high-quality services and supports.

Full implementation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme has changed the Victorian Government’s role in disability. It is timely that we consider whether we need to make changes to the Disability Act 2006 to reflect that new role.

It is important for everyone to have their say on the future direction of the Act.

We would like to start a conversation about this and hear some of your ideas. You can do this by contributing a message on this part of the website.

Here are some questions from the consultation paper to guide your ideas:

  • What are the most important things that a review of the Disability Act 2006 should consider? What are the biggest improvements we can make?
  • How should the Act ensure that Victoria can fulfil its role in promoting the inclusion, participation and rights of people with disability?
  • How does the Act need to change to reflect Victoria’s role in delivering disability services after implementation of the NDIS?
  • How should the Act reflect, protect, or enhance human rights? What changes are needed to ensure the human rights of people with disability are protected in relation to compulsory treatment, the justice system, and restrictive practices?
  • Are there any specific groups of people that it is important we speak to during the review? Are there particular issues that we need to talk to them about?

If you have any other ideas, please add them under the discussion forum’s general discussion topics heading.

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